The second suit I’ve ever owned. He was made by MoreFurLess in 2017.
I can’t say I recommend this maker, but I’m pretty picky on suits.
For the most part though I think he turned out great!
PLEASE NOTE that this review is my own experience and my own take on those experiences.


Time of completion: 7 months
Body suit: Digitigrade
Feet: Heavy-duty Outdoor
Paws: Feral
Extras: Magnetic eyebrows, glow in the dark eyes, eyelids, magnetic tongue
Price: $3,200~

Appearance Satisfaction

This is gonna be the meat of it, but I really do love parts of this boy. The head and paws in particular look fantastic. The bodysuit designs could very much use an overhaul though. I sent in my duct tape dummy to MFL thinking, of course, that they would need it. But I found out during the making process that they don’t even use them, they just go on body measurements. This gives their bodies a very shapeless feel to them and makes them sag and stick to you in different areas. They simply don’t look or feel very good.  The digitigrade as well looks very formless and even really awkward at angles. Popped seams are also very common. It’s okay if you like their bodysuits, but I’m not a fan.
The next complaint I have is the eyebrows, in that they were incorrectly made. I’ve compared this to other MFL suits and no one else has the same issue I did. It looks like they had maybe forgotten to put the magnets in the eyebrows until after they had made them, because the magnets are glued on after the fact, covered in thin fabric. This causes the magnets to stick harder onto the head, rubbing off the existing fur off of the suit where the magnets stick to it. When I’m ‘happy’ in suit I have these apparent circle marks where the fur is slowly going missing. I haven’t brought this up to MFL so I won’t knock em too much for it, but it should be something to know for future suit making. I plan on getting the head refurbished by another professional maker to fix these issues. Also worth noting is that the gauges he’s supposed to have are visually non-existent. They’re there for sure, but they’re just extremely small and super glued foam only on the backside. Literally nobody has ever noticed that they were there and it seems like they too were also forgotten until I reminded them after the head was made. I could be wrong in that, but thats how it seems. They’ve done gauges before, all very big and noticeable, not sure why mine ended up the way they did.
A smaller thing is the tail. It’s VERY big and bulbous. It sits unnaturally on the bodysuit and just bulges out. I can’t really wag it or anything. It also fell off the first con I wore it at while I was wearing it. It was held on with glue and just came off. Pretty embarrassing but I never really said anything and they fixed it for me next con. Since then it’s still been kinda peeling off, but I bought some glue to keep reapplying it the the kidney belt.
The claws also fall off A LOT. Like almost one every con. I good amount of MFL suiters have complained and constantly have to go to the makers at con to get fixes. Every time they go to fix them they just glue another one on. It’s a really big problem and they haven’t found another solution for it that I know of. They started charging for their claws and it’s just prompted me even more to get some new feet paws from a different maker. It’s just an annoyance I don’t want to deal with anymore. At the moment I have one claw missing and three others loose already after getting them reinforced not too long ago. This problem isn’t just for me, it’s a very common issues that they know of among their suits.
Last thing appearance wise is the choice of white fur used for the neck and chest. I had another professional maker look at the quality of the fur and he came to the conclusion that it was “material used on bathroom rugs”. Not sure if this is true, but it kinda feels that way. He also noted that it might have been used for breath-ability, which is an appreciated notion considering the luxury fur used for the tan parts is extremely thick. But the fur looks extremely poor and the backside is very very rough and scratchy, even through clothing it’s VERY uncomfortable. I get lots of comments and DMs sent to me about how I should brush my suit more, only to inform them that that is what the fur normally looks like. It’s a little upsetting considering I try to maintain a good looking suit.
I know thats a lot, but seriously after that I am happy with the rest of my suit. The feral paws are gorgeous and the head is outstanding.
After a problem with the body suit being burned, I plan to buy a brand new body, tail and feet paws. I’ll honestly feel a lot more comfortable wearing him then.

Wear Satisfaction

The suit actually wears fairly good! One of the bigger problems I have with it is the head weight. I know a lot of people comment on this but I think it’s worth talking about. The head is heavyyy. Everyone I let hold the head comments on just how heavy it is. Anytime I wear someone elses head, it feels like I’m not even wearing anything compared. It’s hard to move in it and it eventually hurts my neck and I have to take it off. The head would honestly be great if it wasn’t so dang heavy.
Otherwise the suit feels pretty dang good. The feet fit perfectly and the paws are really fun. It breathes fairly well and I can usually get a couple hours of fun in it. The bodysuit snags in places and the fur is still super itchy, but it’s nothing unbearable.

Extra Notes

A very small note, but I still found it interesting. The first ref sheet I turned in said that the bars on the nose were different sizes, I had since changed that and notified them of it. I sent them numerous reminders over email and in person to use the new, updated ref sheet which had the nose bars as the same size. When I got the head, they were still different sizes. I honestly don’t really mind, but It’s important as a maker to make note of changes; mine was minor but imagine if it was a bigger change that never got updated (which has happened before with this maker).
If you plan on getting a suit from these guys, make SURE to ask for wips. I’ve heard from numerous people that they will almost never supply wips unless you ask for them. I’ve heard from some people that the only wip they had gotten was when it was nearly finished, sometimes ending up in completely wrong features that they won’t amend. Ask ask ask for pics. I thankfully asked for tons of them and was able to amend things before my shibe ended up looking like a fox. They have somewhat fixed this by making a telegram channel to show off their current projects.


MFL currently feels like an assembly line, just going through the motions to make the same rushed suits over and over. Maybe they miss markings and attributes, maybe they don’t. But with the amount of amazing makers coming out of the woodwork (not to mention money being exchanged), I feel like that’s pretty unacceptable. I feel like they can be a lot better than this if they just took to some quality rather than quantity. Taking that into account and all of the above, MFL has a lot of work to do before I could recommend them.